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Africa Travel has over 30 years unrivalled experience and specialist expertise in crafting bespoke travel itineraries to Africa. With first-hand experience of their destinations, they design exclusive experiences for their customers and go above and beyond to deliver access to the top guides and experts throughout Africa.

The Problem

In need of a new website and revised content structure the client required us to work closely with our developers to carefully plan the site migration. They also required us to improve the sites conversion rate, optimising the website for increased enquiry volumes from launch.

The Solution

With a significant change in content, we focused on ensuring that the pages that remained were highly optimised both to current search engine guidelines and what the customers wanted.

To do this we did a complete keyword research and content gap analysis, highlighting the level of content that needed to be optimised or created.

Additionally, we have also optimised the Google Analytics setup and implemented heatmap and click map tracking which has helped us to efficiently improve conversion rates.

The Benefit

With such a significant restructure of site content and URLs the primary keyword rankings did decline post migration, however, due to our conversion optimisation booking enquiries were up 127% year on year, resulting in a much higher return on investment.

Organic traffic levels are now increasing, further helping to drive incremental gains in both enquiries and bookings.