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The Opportunity

Sunvil is a highly respected name in travel, a family run business since the beginning of the 1970s. They thrive on the fact they are independent and strive on delivering the best possible personal service to their very loyal customer base.

Sunvil was looking to migrate their reservation system from Comtec’s Travelink to TigerBay. This project was much bigger than just the website so timing was of the essence. Migration had to be carefully planned so all new season products were available online only once the previous season had sold through their existing Travelink system.

The Outcome

Sensitive to how much the project could have impacted Sunvil’s trading as we were replacing the core system used throughout the search and booking flow of the website; We worked closely with TigerBay throughout the project fostering a partnership that ensured a smooth transition of the web on to the new system. In addition to the migration, we took the opportunity to introduce a PostBooking feature to the website, MySunvil. A fully device responsive customer portal servicing several of Sunvil’s brands, customers log in to MySunvil to view past and future bookings, as well as make new bookings or add ancillaries onto current bookings. By integrating the portal directly into the book flow, we enabled customers to book the same holiday again on a future date with the same or different passenger combinations, also enabling the pre-population of customer details to expedite the booking process. MySunvil can also be used for phone bookings; Terms & Conditions need to be accepted before a booking is confirmed. MySunvil gives the agents the opportunity to invite the customer to log in online and read and accept the T&C’s whilst they are on the phone, avoiding timely delays in an otherwise paper based process.



"The migration was a success thanks to Zolvs approach to teamwork. The new Post Booking area brings an exciting, fresh approach to our brand that we can develop over time"

Chris Wright, Managing Director, Sunvil

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