Fast and friendly


orld Rainbow Hotels has gone live on the very latest version of Zolv's WTP platform – the super-fast WTP 2.1. This is our first delivery on WTP 2.1 and it's living up to all our expectations.

World Rainbow Hotels caters for gay and lesbian people, offering certified LGBT destinations around the world. It's a combination of specialisation and inclusion that works really well on the web – the perfect customer-driven blend of customisation and choice. With every participating hotel carefully vetted by the company, the website offers a quality, reliable experience from a trustworthy source.

The new website features dynamic searching across hotels and holidays organised into unique heirarchies specified by the client. It's multi-currency, with live currency conversions. One of the coolest features is the interactive mapping and clustering. Based on the well-known Google Maps function, World Rainbow Hotels' maps let customers find and compare destinations in an easy, intuitive way. This is just one more gateway into the wealth of products the company has to offer and it's a great way of bringing the business to life.

The site's sleek design is a neat example of sales insight combined with solid brand values. Importantly, the design organises what could be a complex offer into an engaging and enjoyable customer experience.

The greatest breakthrough is the website's speed. Zolv optimised page caching so that content is delivered smoothly in response to user interaction. This makes the site highly responsive to exploration. The customer really does drive the process of creating their perfect trip.

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