Virgin Holidays move to WTP


t sounds odd, but when customers don't notice a change for the better, that means the business is getting things right – improving service in the backend that customers never see. For Virgin Holidays, the day before Christmas Eve saw a smooth, uneventful upgrade of its Travel Plus website engine, enabling the company to make full use of its new reservation system. Zolv's WTP solution is now driving the customer experience and giving seamless access to the company's full range of products.

Virgin's existing Travel Plus website didn’t work with the new reservation system, so its days were numbered. As an increasing proportion of products were being loaded into the new system, Travel Plus’s online offing diminished. The company grasped the opportunity to switch to a web solution that would not only collaborate easily with both reservation systems but also give them greater manageability of the website. Zolv’s WTP streamlines Virgin’s content management and simplifies what has traditionally been a complex configuration process – just two additional benefits over and above the vital reservations hook-up.

We were delighted to be able to add extra business value in this way. We know that the more complex an organisation's IT set-up, the harder it is to coordinate process improvements. Urgent business imperatives, like the need to adapt to the new reservation system, can create the space for innovation to flow.

However, that's only going to happen if there are some spare brains to seize the opportunity. We like to think we bring this extra power to the party. If there's a way we can pull in additional business benefit alongside the headline goal, we'll do it. In this case, Virgin's own IT team could get on with their own priorities, while we focused on making sure that Virgin got the maximum possible value from our expertise. Painless transition with extra, recurring benefits: that's what our clients need, so that their customers get the best.