Zolv present at Travolution's Digital Lunchbox Event


olv Managing Director Olly Wenn spoke at the recent Travolution Digital Lunchbox: “How technology will give rise to the call centre ‘super-agent”. The event, hosted at the Ve Loft in London, was a chance for attendees to hear how travel industry and technology experts were developing new ways of using the telephone as a key sales channel.

Lee Hayhurst, Travolution editor, said “Selling over the phone might seem old hat, but actually technology is enabling travel firms to place this strategy at the heart of their approach” 

In a presentation entitled “Widening the bandwidth”, Olly explained how it can be difficult to sell a destination or holiday with words alone. Citing research that suggests seeing a product or destination can greatly increase a customer’s desire to buy it, he introduced Zolv’s Full Picture call centre platform, designed to allow agents to send photos, videos, panorama, brochure pages and more, directly to customers' screens in real-time, during a call. Creating what Zolv calls The Visual Conversation, Full Picture makes for a much richer experience, engaging and reassuring customers more than voice alone, and helping to deliver a level of service way beyond the customer expectations.                    

Olly stated, “as much as 80% of our sensory bandwidth is sight and half of our brain is dedicated to processing images. How much more effective would your sales agents be if they could tap into that unused bandwidth, stimulating a customer’s desire for your product? With Full Picture, you can do just that.” 

Olly was then joined on stage by Lois Charters, Customer Experience Consultant at Celebrity Cruises to discuss the impact Full Picture has had on their direct sales team over recent months. “Full Picture has really helped bring our brand to life. It brings a ‘wow factor’ to any call and greatly improves our customers’ understanding of the on-board experience and modern luxury that we have to offer”. Lois went on to reveal that the average value of Full Picture assisted bookings was up over 50% on voice alone calls.   

Technology is as important as ever and forward thinking travel companies can use technology to cross-sell, up-sell and maximise margins, becoming more efficient, productive and profitable, it really is powering a revival of the traditional call centre within the travel industry 

I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to present Full Picture to a room full of companies looking to keep their business, and specifically their call centres, at the forefront of technology.” This is on the back of a great 12 months for Full Picture, where earlier this year, it took Silver in the “Innovation in Customer Service” category at the European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA).  

Whether an individual agent or large call centre, Full Picture technology can help enhance and efficiently close the sales process. 

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