We have a winner!

With three very strong finalists’ our Head of Design Ross had a very difficult job in selecting the winner of Titus Salts STEM Logo Competition, unfortunately, there could be only one winner. 

We are pleased to announce that the winner is Liam! 

STEM - News Hero

Ross said, “Liam's entry had a great use of colour and composition. All the elements came together to create a strong emblem that nicely covered all 4 cornerstones of STEM. We thought it’s balance of detail and simplicity made it a deserving winner.” 

Once selected it was then onto our branding team that took the fantastic concept from Liam and turned it into a professional polished logo that Titus Salt can now use internally to promote their STEM initiative. Have a look at how we brought it to life…









 We here at Zolv would like to thank Titus Salt school and Mr Green for allowing us to play a part in their logo competition. Also, a huge well done to all the pupils for their impressive entries, and who knows maybe in the future there might be a budding graphic designer or two among them!!