STEM Finalists announced, who made the grade?

Zolv have been thrilled to be part of the judging process for the STEM logo design competition at Titus Salt School Read more here. All the entries are in and now it’s down to the nitty gritty… let the judging commence. To make it through to the next round we were looking for designers who had fulfilled the brief by unifying the four areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in a creative and interesting way.

After much deliberation, the three finalists we selected were all all very different. Ross Turner, Zolv's Head of Design had this to say about our three finalists…


Finalist 1 - Joshua “We liked how the designer had created a unique ‘Tron-esque’ like font to represent the technology and engineering aspects of the initiative. It’s got lots of details and lots of ideas, you can really see this thing coming alive with a bit of animation for an ident. Some of the details probably need a little bit of refinement to make them clearer on first glance, but overall it’s a great effort.”


Finalist 2 - Cassidy “Could see some real NASA influence here which I think is actually a great analogy for what STEM represents. What agency can you think of that captures the essence of STEM better than that? We loved how they incorporated mathematical symbols into the starry space, you can almost feel them spinning gently in zero gravity. Taking each letter and applying a pattern treatment that represented it was also a nice touch, but this detail could possibly be lost when viewed from a distance.”


Finalist 3 - Liam – “A great use of colour and composition here. Where others have bolted elements to a base Letter mark this designer has instead tried to incorporate them in a more natural way to create a strong emblem. Often less is more when it comes to producing an effective brand identity, too much can often confuse the eye and cause it to become unreadable in certain circumstances, when small or in duotone for example. We thought this entry struck a nice balance of detail and simplicity.'


For us, the finalists all had to be distinctive, appropriate, practical and simple in form, while conveying STEM’s core message. Essentially they had to be a great concept with great execution. Now it is onto Zolv's design team to select the winner and turn it into a reality. Read here to find out which one was the winning design and see how we created the finished logo.