Judging hats at the ready!

The UK has a rich heritage when it comes to delivering life-changing innovations. The television, telephone, jet engine, light bulb and the World Wide Web were conceived by British minds.

To maintain our lead and competitive edge, the UK is looking to inspire more students to move into STEM-related fields and make sure they are armed with the right skill sets to take them forward.

At Zolv, we LOVE branding projects, so naturally, we were delighted when Titus Salt School asked our design team to come on board as official judges for a competition to help them promote the school's STEM initiative - design a logo that can be used in their promotional material, website, teacher resources and more.

The brief provided to the pupils at Titus Salt School by Leader of STEM, Stuart Green is that the logo relates to the core subjects of STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths and in a way that unifies the four areas in a creative and interesting way.


Stuart Green said “At Titus Salt School, STEM is key to raising both standards and ambition by bringing together a range of skills, disciplines and learning.  Many of our students pursue STEM at University, Further Education or through work including apprenticeships.  Our commitment to STEM helps our students prepare for their next steps.” 

The design team at Zolv will then judge entries, shortlisting the top 20 designs to find the three finalists that show the most originality and creativity in their approach.


 STEM is hugely exciting, and an area that really is all about tackling problems, something we here as a team absolutely thrive on every day. We are excited to see what designs the pupils come up with, so watch this space to find out how they all did and which three made the grade!


Read which three made the shortlist here