Simply simplify


new release for Sunvil exploits Zolv's WTP platform to improve navigation for customers. Travel sites are never perfect for long – partly because customers teach us what we need to change. Sunvil's site has been live on the Zolv platform since February 2011 and it performs well for the company. However, the “special offers” area of the site was proving to be quite difficult for customers to handle.

The competitive climate and in particular the special opportunities in the current Greek market are leading to more complex offers. The existing site design gave customers three headline options: early booking offers, late booking offers and other booking offers. That's logical enough, but it didn't match customers' needs.

The new release has just two options: late availability offers and other offers. With many customers making late decisions on their holiday plans, this gives much clearer signposting. The new approach also enables Sunvil to showcase their non-lates offers more effectively.

It's a small amount of work for Zolv, thanks to our WTP platform – but, more importantly, thanks to the close, targeted scoping work that Sunvil did with us. Take a look at for the results.