SalesAssist has Evolved.. Welcome FULL PICTURE



Zolv have rebranded SalesAssist their award winning visual conversation tool to Full Picture

Zolv are pleased to announce the rebrand of their award winning product SalesAssist to Full Picture. Zolv who create custom software, tools and websites for the travel industry created SalesAssist 18 months ago. As we have developed the product over time, it was felt the brand SalesAssist reflected more the process rather than the end result of the product which was customer facing, so a new identity was needed.

Commenting on the rebranding, Olly Wenn, Director at Zolv explains, “Following a hugely successful year, we felt that the brand SalesAssist wasn't accurately reflecting the product. For the last 18months we have been more focused on producing and refining anamazing product and the brand unfortunately has taken a back seat until now.'


With Full Picture, you won't be just having a simple phone conversation with your customers any more. It'll be a visual connection instead. It's about you taking the dialogue to a different level, visually and instantly. Olly continues, “The name Full Picture perfectly describes what the product does, we add a visual element to a sales call that provides the user with everything they visual require. We present them the Full picture, it literally says what we do on the tin!”

Full Picture takes end users on a visual conversation with an agent. Imagine your conversations coming alive by sharing photos, video, deck plans, brochures and more directly to your customer's screen as you take them on a virtual tour on board.

Everything the Agent needs is just a click away; all the customer requires at their end is an open browser. With Full Picture the agent is able to excite and inspire, the customer enjoys a more authentic and richer experience, informing and reassuring. The agent has a natural and intuitive way to increase upsell opportunities and conversion rates.

The Full Picture logo was created with the illustration of a speech bubble that contains a picturesque image to visualise the company’s concept ‘The Visual Conversation’. The rebrand will include a new website and social media handles, all using the new identity.

To get your own Full Picture or demonstrate the visual conversation for yourself, please contact