Full Picture powers Norwegian global virtual ship launch


s the first ship in the company’s new Breakaway Plus Class, Norwegian Cruise Lines' Escape signifies ushers in an new chapter in cruising. So when it came to celebrating its launch, Norwegian wasn’t cutting any corners!

Keen to utilise the very latest in travel technology, Norwegian challenged Zolv to create the World’s first Virtual Ship Launch. Based on Full Picture, the tech company's innovative Visual Conversation platform, Zolv added support for panoramic images, group presentations and created a bespoke customer interface tailored to the launch presentation. Unlike a traditional ship launch, the Virtual Launch had no limitations on the number of Agents and customers that could be invited on board. By inviting a number of Agents to sign up and in turn invite their customers to the launch event, Norwegian were able to have many more people experience the feel of their newest addition to their fleet.


The final result is more than 5,000 potential customers are expected to ‘experience’ the ship virtually over three weeks from November 2.

Zolv MD Olly Wenn stated, “It's really exciting to see where Full Picture takes us. It was conceived as a tool for call centre agents to show customers hotels and destinations, but our clients are finding ever more interesting ways to deploy the technology.” He added, “There were a number of technical and logistical challenges on the Escape project but we met them all and the result is that Norwegian have been able to share the excitement of a ship launch with thousands more potential customers. And that's what made it so much fun!”

Nick Wilkinson, Norwegian business development manager, said: “This is a world first. Having a virtual ship launch, as well as the real deal, will allow us to help our trade partners reach even more customers. He further added, “We’ve always looked to develop our ship launches to help the trade capitalise and make bookings – this is an evolution of that. Zolv’s tech gives us the ability to interact with a multitude of customers and partners at the same time using video and still footage to show off what a quality ship offers to clients”

Zolv’s Full Picture call centre platform is designed to allow agents to send photos, videos, panorama, brochure pages and more, directly to customers' screens in real-time, during a call. Creating what Zolv calls The Visual Conversation, Full Picture makes for a much richer experience, engaging and reassuring customers more than voice alone, and helping to deliver a level of service way beyond the customer expectations.

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