Full Picture support CLIA's Cruise Challenge

Zolv with Full Picture technology are teaming up with CLIA UK & Ireland, Advantage Travel Partnership and Travel Weekly to encourage more agents to start selling cruise. CLIA are looking to help drive agents who have not sold cruise holidays before. With a little help the five agencies can hopefully drive their cruise business.

The scheme will initially be for Advantage Travel members but will eventually be opened up to more agents. Andy Harmer director of CLIA UK & Ireland believes that in less than a year you can significantly grow the size of agent’s businesses. The five agencies will receive free CLIA memberships for 2015, including webinars, industry news access to exclusive CLIA events where each agency will be able to attend the “Selling cruise and River cruise conferences”.

Zolv are providing their Full Picture technology to help make the transition to selling cruise easier.  Full Picture technology provides an instant visual conversation for the new to cruise agents who are able to send photos and videos of varying cruise ship, cabins, maps or even video and share them to their customers screen in real-time.

Olly Wenn Managing Director from Zolv Stated “it is great to be involved in such a fantastic initiative, with our Full Picture technology it will help make the transition into selling cruise for the “new to cruise” agents that bit easier.” He added “with all imagery at their fingertips it will not only inspire and reassure their customer but also reaffirm their cruise training they will receive during the programme.”

Andy Harmer, director of CLIA UK & Ireland, “We want to demonstrate that in less than a year you can significantly grow the size of your cruise business with a little help from the cruise industry”. said Harmer. “This sector is one of, of not the best when it comes to working with the trade and educating agents on the products available.

The Zolv team are looking forward to seeing how the agencies take to selling cruise with a little help from the cruise industry.