Zolv create animated video for Full Picture


ull Picture the ‘Visual Conversation’ platform has had success with innovation awards since its launch in 2014. The real power of understanding the potential of Full Picture has primarily been through online demonstrations where you can actually see how a phone conversation can come to life and how effective that can be to a sales process.  By its very nature, Full Picture comes to life through the use of visual media and, therefore, its many benefits to clients struggle to shine when it’s communicated via verbal and written word alone. Not only that Full Picture is also faced with the marketing challenge of being a product that solves a problem that businesses, at first, glance, don’t necessarily realise they have.

You can only tell a degree of the Full Picture story through traditional static web content alone, so Full Picture wanted to showcase how easy to use, efficient and how much of an impact Full Picture can be to businesses by harnessing the power of video. Zolv and Full Picture looked to an explainer video to help describe in more detail exactly how Full Picture works in a fun and entertaining way. Explainer videos are one of the most effective ways of describing something complex simply and quickly. A perfect media for telling a story, especially in a world where attention spans can be short. A picture speaks a thousand words and a video even more, which is very fitting with the ethos of Full Picture. Zolv looked for an animated video to help attract attention and with statistics showing that the number of people watching a video each day has increased by 40% year on year, it was a simple decision to make. Likeable animated characters were used to represent the client and their customer, which are then shown communicating in a typical phone-based sales scenario. The video then uses these characters to show the viewer exactly how Full Picture could be used to steer a stalling communication in a positive direction by the use or images, videos, quotes and maps, within just two clicks.

Ross Turner, Head of Creative at Zolv said “It just didn’t make sense to explain Full Picture to our customers in a very manner that it was designed to improve upon. Full Picture is about the power of visuals, not the written word, it’s about bringing a conversation to life and it is that exact sentiment that we are trying to reflect with this explainer video'

Full Picture now has an engaging and shareable video that explains exactly how Full Picture works. Zolv will be following up with a series of different videos that each explains exactly how Full Picture will work within a different market, such as wedding planning or boiler repairs.