Zolv battle for ABTA Lifeline Lip Sync crown

Zolv have entered ABTA Lifeline’s lip sync battle competition. We had to create a lip sync video to a holiday themed song to enter and help ABTA lifeline raise much needed funds. So the creative team and I almost want to say slightly disturbed minds at Zolv got together to create the visual delight that is our entry. 

You can watch below our slightly unnerving lip sync effort 


 To vote and donate please visit 

Now the important bit, by donating you are helping a very worthwhile cause.  That cause is to raise funds for the care of a very lovely little boy, Zach. 

In 2014 Zach’s Mum, a former travel agent, applied for support with sensory equipment to help provide a safe and relaxing environment for her 4 year old son Zach. Zach has a benign brain tumour, hydrocephalus, neurological disorders that affects balance and speech, and is fed through his stomach. He also has multiple genetic health problems. His condition is so complex it has no name. We took Zach’s story to the Travel Convention and raised an amazing amount of money which enabled us to build him a sensory room. This has been a lifesaver for Zach’s family. 

Since 2014 Zach’s problems have become more severe. Although he is now 6, he has the mental age of around 0 to 24 months. He has no spatial awareness and will try and run through everything in his path. His behaviour is getting more and more challenging and he has been in and out of hospital with numerous other medical issues.

His Mum Tricy, is Zach’s primary 24 hour carer. She is exhausted and in desperate need of a respite break as is her husband Andy. But they can only ever leave Zach for one night.

There is no clear picture of what the future holds for Zach. All his family know is that he will require constant care.

We would love the industry to support ABTA’s Big Charity Day and raise funds for Zach to help with his medium term care and perhaps provide them a family break this summer in a place that is suitable for Zach.