Zolv's 12 working days before Christmas

Festive greetings from all the team at Zolv.

Instead of a Christmas card this year we thought we would be eco-friendly and send a digital version of our festive wishes. In fact, rather than just sending a virtual Christmas card, our Design and Marketing team got carried away and created Zolv’s 12 working days before Christmas, a little animated treat and insight into what the team get up to on the countdown to the Christmas break!

As we countdown to Christmas this page will be updated every day, so make sure you come back to see what’s new!



Our developers are busy cutting those last few lines of code and getting those crucial final Christmas releases ready.



Here at Zolv we have a dedicated table just for cake. We love the stuff and at this time of year, the table is especially weighed down with a seemingly never ending supply of festive treats. 




It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be unwrapping a new device from under the tree, meaning we have to ramp up our testing to make sure all our sites work perfectly on them.



Our designers are all frantically wireframing crucial festive UIs and colouring things in red so they’re ready for 2017.



Nothing says Christmas like a fresh Zolv travel website… well, maybe Santa, gifts, carols, Christmas trees, mince pies, eggnog and crackers have the edge… just! 



We love technology and supporting all our work is our servers, and at this time of year with all those lights twinkling even they get us in the Christmas spirit.



Of course, we usually are like totally on trend and such, but it’s Christmas jumper day so we’re currently all coated in polyester and bright colours.


Zolv is pretty much fueled by cups of tea, we even have a tea maker of the month trophy. Who knows who will be the final champion of 2016!




The phones are ringing with all those last-minute requests to add animated snowflakes and dancing Santas to homepages.



We tweet you a merry Christmas , We tweet you a merry Christmas, we tweet you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



If you have ever popped into the Zolv office you may have come across Ralph Dog & Sven, Zolv’s reindeer’s in training. We are currently trying to train them to pull the tea trolley … maybe we will have them ready for Christmas 2017!



It’s the last day before we break for Christmas, we made it! The Gaffer is cramming and committing that last bit of code in prior to Zolv closing their doors for the festive period. We close today, but don’t panic we will back open again on the 3rd January for all your web development needs

Thank you to all our wonderful clients who have brought us great projects and interesting challenges in 2016. We look forward to working with you all in the New Year.