Travelbox software allows travel companies to keep track of all their reservations, client payments and outgoing payments to different service providers. Using Travelbox software, your business will be able to easily create and send the likes of vouchers, invoices and booking confirmations, as well as storing them securely within your system.

Ever since it was launched in 1999, Travelbox software has expanded and upgraded to become a leading platform for major tour operators, airlines, cruise lines and hotel groups, all over the world. The modular design of the software, combined with the powerful functions and simple interface, means you can customise Travelbox to meet the specific and unique needs of your business.

At Zolv, we specialise in creating innovative and custom online software and business solutions for companies in the travel industry. Our forward-thinking and bespoke approach means the technology we implement helps travel companies to realise and tap into their full potential. Through clever integrations with the Travelbox API we have simplified complex tailor-made booking processes into fun, interactive online user experiences and transformed rigid B2B search processes into flexible, easy-to-use online search and book journeys.

With over 16 years of experience, we continue to strive for even greater results and working with companies like Codegen, enables us to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in online travel

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